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Hidden Maths Behind Our Favorite Christmas Films

Hidden Maths Behind Our Favorite Christmas Films

What makes Christmas so special? A selection of elements can influence our feelings of nostalgia and trigger happy memories, good feelings, and emotional vulnerability. Element can be either positive (your favorite carol) or negatively (COVID), and each one adds to our individual experience. These elements make up the genetic makeup of each Christmas experience. They are update annually as new elements emerge.

This is also true for our favorite festive films. Each film focuses on seasonal themes to help the audience identify. Films about Christmas can set against snowy backgrounds, offer melancholy moments or offer a myriad of enchanting yuletide moments.

Beloved Christmas Movies

The story must make meaningful use of Christmas in order to be consider a Christmas movie. Yes, Die Hard qualifies. Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles is about a family that has lost their father. It immediately plays on the sadness of the situation. It’s a subtle way that the writers play with our emotions, using pockets of this element at various stages.

Welcome to element philosophy. The Christmas elements are use by scriptwriters to tell their stories, composers to add sleighbells, and producers to get us to purchase tickets. The element placement determines how emotional rollercoaster ride we have. Their positioning within the film’s length is just as important as the element itself.

Natalie Haynes, a film writer, explains how Christmas movies put characters through the wringer. For example, in It’s A Wonderful Life George Bailey kills himself because he sees his life as a failure. Haynes suggests that Christmas movies place love above money and family over gain, and add some magic to the entire affair. Sometimes, they don’t have to be Christmas movies. Meet Me in St Louis stars Judy Garland.

The Independent’s 20 best Christmas movies 2020 suggests that seasonal elements are important. To enjoy and identify with festive films, viewers need to be familiar with the direction and have a sense of humor. There are screenwriting templates that can be used to create dramatic structures, such as Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat. But where should these elements be located in the film’s timeline?

The Golden Ratio Christmas How Can It Be Apply

The golden ratio, a mathematical proportion found within nature such as the shell pattern or the sunflower’s shape, is a mathematical formula. It’s a mathematical way to divide a length into two parts so that the ratio between the shorter and the longer portions equals the ratio between the lengths of the long portion and the whole length. It is also known as the golden or divine proportion. Artists from all walks of history have tried to reproduce it in music, painting, and architecture.

After seven years of research, I found that the golden ratio can fit any situation if you pay enough attention. The pyramids were originally designed with the golden proportion in mind. However, a pyramid of this size will have many patterns, including that golden ratio.

I was looking for a way to allow people to use the golden ratio as a modern-day model and not as something that is imposed upon a piece or building. The Marley system was create so that creatives could use this time-based measurement device to match the golden rate philosophy to performance. It also ends an age-old argument about analysis, Is it use?

My article on the golden ratio and the formula for hit musicals was publish by The Conversation in May 2021. The Marley system is a method of identifying key elements in films that intersect at points determined by their duration.

The length of physical objects is usually measure using the golden ratio calculation. These measurements are then apply to the duration of seconds, minutes, and hours using the Marley system. The durations are divide by 1.61803 (the golden ratio), and then a point is add to the film’s timeline.

Golden Ratio Point

It’s A Wonderful Life’s main golden ratio point is at 4,820 seconds. This when George’s Uncle Billy’s business takes are lost on Christmas Eve. Another golden ratio point can found by multiplying the original golden ratio duration with 1.61803, and so forth, until we reach 16 points.

The golden ratio is a traditional symbol of beauty and aesthetic beauty found in nature. A sweet spot in film is a moment that reinforces our understanding or enhances enjoyment. This includes the scene in Love Actually, where Hugh Grant dances around Number 10, thinking he’s all alone.

After calculating the film’s golden ratio points, we can analyze which plot elements (sweet spot) are running in parallel. It’s Christmas so I decide to try the concept to see if patterns are evident in seasonal movies.

I used The Independent’s top five Christmas movies 2020 to create the Marley system. This allowed me to find any alignment between element activity and golden ratio points over the course of five Christmas movies

The pattern was then use to identify important plot elements. These elements were compare against the plots of each film to establish their importance. These points were rank higher than the other genres because they contain more relevant elements.

Analysis reveals that there are alignments between plot elements and the golden ratio in each film. But the question is: Do these alignments highlight the story’s arc?

This research employs the analytical approach to determine what appears in terms of the movie’s plot at golden ratio points. However, it does not mean that the writers used the golden ratio as an emulation for creativity. It is simply a sign of interesting alignments. It is ultimately up to the filmmaker’s creative genius whether or not a movie is visually pleasing.

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